The DM52S stepper motor is a variant of the DM52N motor. Its very compact shape is especially well suited to applications where size is a critical factor. Furthermore, the DM52S motor is available with an optional 500 lines encoder integrated in its case. This makes it possible to integrate it in a very restricted space, while maintaining its advantageous dynamic properties.

This motor is also available in a version with Hall sensors. These 2 sensors are integrated into the motor and supply electrical signals in quadrature allowing the motor to run in self-commutation mode. The advantage of this version, as compared to a version with an optical encoder, is partly the simplicity of the supply system, and also the very compact dimensions of the device.

Main features:

  • Steps number per revolution: 100
  • Inertia: 8 e-7 kgm2
  • Boosted torque: 175 mNm
  • Maximum speed: 5000 rpm
  • Weight: 185 g