General information

Dimatech motors use disc magnet technology. The rotor simply consists of a multipole magnet in the shape of a disc fixed to the motor shaft. This technology gives the rotor a very low inertia and makes it possible to accelerate at rates no other technology is able to match.

The size of the poles as well as the shape of the magnetic circuit are optimised to produce maximum torque according to the dimension of the rotor. These characteristics are particularly well suited to automation applications, especially in the textiles and semiconductor industries. In these domains, the load to be moved is often low. As a consequence, the quickest movement will be carried out by the motor which has the best torque/inertia ratio, which is the case with disc magnet motors.

The relatively low weight of Dimatech motors is a definite benefit compared to a similar conventional motor. This represents a concrete benefit in aeronautical applications and in applications where the motor moves with the load. This is often the case in automation applications.


Disc magnet technology offers something which no other technology can provide in this range of motors: acceleration. The rotor formed by the disc magnet is actually a concentration of power and speed.

Disc magnet technology has the following advantages:


Demonstration of speed, precision and reliability of movement.

Technical note

From + 4000 rpm to – 4000 rpm in 3 ms!

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